"These guys are experts and they know how to make fruit purees. They source their fruit impeccably and also find the best expression of what they put in the bottle.”


Kings signature group, culinary director


"The flavor profiles and combinations are as well thought out as any dish that I have created and worked on. Their sensitivity to seasons and utilizing there ingredients at the optimum time are not only unique but are market leading in my opinion. I would without doubt recommend AJC to anyone and everyone wishing to use products of high quality along with profitability."



HOSPITALITY HOLDINGS, evp & Director of operations


"American Juice Company has helped us create some cocktail consistency across the board. We have a lot of drinks that tend to have 5 to 9 ingredients in them with lots of muddling. It has helped our bartenders simplify their process and create a wonderful product. The biggest benefit of using AJC has been that we have been able to curb our cost of goods."





"You guys have done a great job of creating unique, seasonal and trendy blends. The guests at our events really enjoy them. Having the blends come pre batched makes it so incredibly easy for our staff at the events to work with. We look forward to seeing and tasting your new blends. We recommend this to anyone that serves cocktails..."


PENROSE BAR, general manager


"The taste is fresh and balanced. The palate they use for the Pumpkin and the Louis Applestrong are really complimentary to a number of common cocktail flavor profiles. I like the convenience of the freshly made and mixed juices. We like to use a number of unique homemade ingredients, and when you deal in high volume with cocktails as we do, it is a time consuming job to keep everything consistent and in stock. We're a high volume cocktail bar. We need to make delicious drinks very quickly. If you're like us, you will do well with these products."



Bookmarks lounge, bar manager


"Exceptional! AJC is always coming up with creative fresh tastes. AJC saves us time & money with there unique mixes. We have used several of there products over the years & they are consistent & fresh. Some mixes we add our own twist & others we use right out of the bottle. The end result for us is delivering a great product everytime. Service is fantastic. Pleasure to do business with them. I have been recommending AJC since we started using them to fellow friends that are bartenders, chefs & managers."




“I’ve always loved the seasons, and American Juice Company allows me to bring fresh seasonality to my guests with unique twists.  The sourcing, production, and cost are three factors I account for when choosing ingredients, and American Juice Company certainly sets the bar high with their products because all three aspects are desirable.  American Juice products not only are undeniably delicious, but they add a certain mystique to cocktails that say ‘You can’t get this stuff just anywhere' ” 


THE ROGER HOTEL, food & beverage director


"AJC definitely benefits the business at The Roger Hotel! I love making mocktails with AJC for the young ladies and gents each with some club soda, mint, sometimes fresh's a really neat treat for them..we don't have it out or let people know that it's there, so they love the surprise factor as well! It's special! I recommend this for hotels and cocktail bars especially for mocktails."


HARDING's NYC, partner


"The one thing I like about the products that American Juice Company provides is that it doesn't hurt my margins. Instead of sourcing all these different ingredients from different places they are all in one bottle and I can go directly to AJC. So the customer can get a really good product without paying a boatload of money. Bringing together great American products sourced locally made a lot of sense for us."


Gaz regan

cocktails in the country, BARtender


“The bartenders who come to CitC are seasoned professionals, and s such they tend to be somewhat suspicious of pre-packaged juices, but this year they all agreed that your products are of the highest quality, and they were happy to use them.” 

David berube

bar boulud, head sommelier


“I am doing a Madame Rose cocktails which is : El Tesoro Silver Tequila, Lady Lychee, Lime Juice and Rose petal. As we have a good demand for tequila-based cocktail, I thought finding the perfect juice blend to pair with agave without being a too over alcoholic drink” 

Mark Ramos

Amami Japanese Cocktail Bar, BARtender


“My favorite recipe I've come up with is probably "Dessert Session". Using Mezcal & tequila as well as lemon juice, AJC's Harriet Peacher Stowe, & Blueberry Finn plus 1 jalapeño. It's a nice balance of sweet, tart, spicy and smokey. I always feel like Mezcal blends well with something sweet due to its type of smoke. It's earthy, it's woody, it's Mezcal and that flavor is going to stand out. So my goal with working with a spirit like that is to find perfect balance in the unique flavor of Mezcal.” 

Head Barman at Daniel mixing up a drink using Lady Lychee.

Bartender at Penrose mixing up a drink using Apple Capone.