“These guys are experts and they know how to make fruit purees,” says Erin Jameson, the libations liaison for the Modern who uses a custom peace purée (peaches, raspberries and vanilla) in the Modern Bellini. “They source their fruit impeccably and also find the best expression of what they put in the bottle.”

For those who prefer what’s good for them to be just a bit bad, American Juice Company has come to the rescue. Seasonal fruits and vegetables and spices are blended into bottled concoctions designed by mixologist Massimiliano Matté. While the mixes have been used in elaborate cocktails at restaurants like Essex House and The Modern in New York, they’re just as successful in simpler recipes created at home.

"A new set of gourmet mixers from the American Juice Company—made with fresh juices and the same kind of ingredients found in the drinks at restaurants and cocktail bars—seem designed for just this impulse."

“I’ve been working with The Chuck Blueberry from the American Juice Company in New York City. This product is really consistent, and people are drawn to the color. I shake it with a shot of Tito’s vodka and 1/2 ounce St. Germain elderflower liqueur, then strain it and top it with Fever-Tree bitter lemon." Jason Hopple, Beverage Director

"Here’s a novel idea. Instead of spending $15 a cocktail at your favorite cocktail lounge, why not take a  night off and mix something at home. The problem is, many of the mixers (fruit juice blends or herbal tinctures) are incredibly time-consuming to make."

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all juice is NOT created equal.” Armed with a fleet of radical ingredients,American Juice Company (AJC) no longer regards itself as part of the Juice Empire. Massimiliano Metté, the creator of all AJC’s beverages, has formed a new nation.

"GW now has its latest entrepreneurship story: Two alumni have launched a company to make getting drunk taste a bit better."

"Every juice allows customers to be as creative as possible, so there’s no real limit on what you can add in.  The fruits that will be used are selected by hand  looking for the most juicy and ripe offerings while making sure that everything is from trusted suppliers and not overly ripe. A rarity these days!"

"People are not going to buy ingredients like pomegranate molasses, almond syrup, and elderflower extract just to make a few drinks. So cue the gourmet mixers, so anyone can savor restaurant quality cocktails in the comfort of their home."